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The Next Thing for Me - ThoughtWorks!

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Next month I’m starting at ThoughtWorks as a DevOps consultant. I’m excited about this for many reasons, including the company, the role and the people.

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It would have been easy to find a job that was more of the same - maybe the next box up on the org chart, but pretty much the same level of technical challenge. But I set out to find something that would involve the trends I’m most excited about, and something that would exploit my best skills and force me to get better at them.

ThoughtWorks ticks all the boxes. The things I’m most excited about (professionally) these days can be neatly summarized by the phrase, and the book, ”Continuous Delivery”. As it turned out, the people I interviewed with for this role were many of the ones behind that very book, and what they’re looking to do is build a team to put that stuff into practice. (And they - we - are looking for more people to join that team).

Few companies have done as much as ThoughtWorks to advance the practice of software delivery. They’ve played a huge part in making Agile concepts mainstream, and devops and continuous delivery is the logical next step.

It feels like I’m joining a major league baseball team after enjoying years of success in the minors. The calibre of the other players and the level of play are the highest anywhere. The particular focus of this team is finding ways to make the game itself even better. So I have no choice but to raise my own game, and I’m looking forward to it.